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      As early as 160 years ago, Europeans began to drink sparkling water, treating it as a type of mineral water and using it as daily drinking water. Nowadays, if you often go to European and American countries, you will find that when ordering food, the waiter will always ask you: "sparkling or still?" In the eyes of Europeans, mineral water is a drink containing bubbles, and the water served at the table is whether?Bubbling? became a very important thing. If you don't want gasy water, be sure to say "No Gas."

      What are the criteria for measuring high-quality sparkling water?

      The first is the TDS value, which is the amount of total dissolved solids contained in the water

      The TDS value is internationally used as a measurement standard for mineral water to evaluate the mineral content in the water. The TDS value range of sparkling water is larger. The higher the TDS concentration, the smaller the mineral resources in the water and the more expensive the price.

      The second is the content and intensity of bubbles

      Bubbles refer to the degree of carbonization of water, emphasizing the content and intensity of bubbles. Because sparkling water is rich in minerals and trace elements, it has many benefits, including eliminating muscle soreness, refreshing the mind, dissipating heat, promoting digestion, helping to hydrate the skin, and relieve acne, etc. Therefore, sparkling water has become the first choice for many young people and sports and fitness people.

      As a professional manufacturer of sparkling water machines, Hongfeng brings high-quality sparkling water experience to consumers. Sparkling water machine excels in TDS and bubbles.

      sparkling water machine

      Firstly, about the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) value

      The sparkling water produced by Hongfeng sparkling water machine has an ideal TDS value range. This means that the total dissolved solids content in the water is just right, ensuring the richness of the minerals in the water. Through precise adjustment and control, the sparkling water machine can provide TDS values that comply with international standards, making the mineral content in sparkling water optimal. This advantage ensures that consumers can enjoy rich mineral supplements when drinking sparkling water, thereby promoting good health and meeting daily needs.

      Secondly, Hongfeng sparkling water machine also performs well in bubbles

      The machine uses advanced technology and design to adjust the content and intensity of bubbles according to the user's needs. Whether you prefer light bubbles or strong bubbles, the sparkling water machine can meet your taste preferences. Through a precise control system, the machine is able to produce long-lasting, fine and evenly distributed bubbles, allowing for a pleasant taste and visual enjoyment when drinking sparkling water.

      Although sparkling water has many benefits, we recommend that people with weak gastrointestinal function avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. For other people, Hongfeng sparkling water machine will become an ideal companion in your daily life, bringing you a fresh and healthy sparkling water experience.


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