Where does the automatic screw feeder need to be cleaned regularly?

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      With handheld automatic screw feederfully automatic screw feeder, etc., they are widely used in many different assembly sites such as mobile phone boards, battery boxes, small household appliances, etc. More and more people are ordering automatic screw feeders with stable performance, and these automatic screw feeders are widely used in production lines. Some people are very concerned about the maintenance, care and cleaning of the purchased automatic screw feeder. So what areas of the automatic screw feeder need to be cleaned regularly?

      automatic screw feeder

      The automatic screw feeder supplier introduces to you which areas of the automatic screw feeder need to be cleaned regularly

      1. Screw feeding bin

      The screw feed bin is a place where the automatic screw feeder stores screws and replenishes materials. After a screw completes the locking work, the screw feed bin will quickly replenish subsequent screws through the action of the linear feed path and the vibrating plate. Therefore, when cleaning the automatic screw feeder, be sure to use high-pressure air to clean the residue in the screw feed bin to avoid affecting the screw replenishment speed.

      2.Screw track

      The screw track is an important path for conveying screws. If there are other items on the track, it will hinder the screw supply function of the automatic screw feeder. Therefore, staff need to carefully check whether there are screw residues or other items on the screw track every once in a while, and clean the dust and screw ends on the screw track in time.

      3. Screw vibration plate

      The screw vibrating plate is one of the important components of the automatic screw feeder. Only by combining the functions of the vibrating plate and the distributor can the screws be fed out in an orderly manner. Therefore, it is very important to clean the screw vibration plate regularly, which directly affects the working efficiency and service life of the automatic screw feeder. Maintenance personnel should not only clean up the residue on the screw vibration plate in time, but also pay attention to check whether there are any special-shaped screws on the vibration plate that hinder its vibration function.

      Automatic screw feeder has the function of improving locking efficiency, speeding up production and improving product locking quality. Therefore, more and more assembly sites are consulting reliable automatic screw feeders. No matter which automatic screw feeder you choose to buy, when maintaining During maintenance, it is necessary to clean the screw feed bin, screw track, screw vibration plate and other functional parts to greatly extend the service life of the machine.



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