What are the characteristics of liquor still equipment

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      The equipment used to make wine

      1.fermenter: large wineries generally make fermentation tank, for food fermentation, small wine wineries can choose fermenter and other fermentation vessels.

      2.crusher: in addition to rice, other grains need to be crushed before fermentation, crusher crusher after full contact with koji, so that the grain uniform fermentation, complete fermentation. Advocate the majority of friends in the local agricultural supplies shop to buy junk machines, in order to reduce freight and other unnecessary expenses. You can ask someone else to break it for you.

      3.Brewing equipment: In fact, it was still equipment for liquor. Fermented grains were poured into the fermented grains, and then heated exogenically. Buy brewing equipment, advocate to buy directly to the formal manufacturers, do not approve of buying those grocer's equipment.

      4.Filter: the liquor must be filtered before it can be sold after brewing. The aging filter is generally used for free wine, and the aging filter, diatomite filter and refining filter are used for bottled wine.

      5.Wine storage tank: After the wine is brewed, it is necessary to store wine tanks. Stainless steel wine or pottery jars are usually chosen.

      Open winery needs characteristic wine, general grain wine does not do can do fruit wine to meet the types of winery, big brother told us the secret of fruit fermentation.

      Fruit wine: alcoholic wine made from the sugar of the raw fruit by yeast fermentation, having the alcoholic taste of the raw fruit. So every folk family often brew some raw fruit wine to drink. Such as plum wine, wine, etc. Because there is some wild yeast on the skin of the fruit, plus some sucrose, there is no need to add extra yeast for some fermentation, but traditional folk brewing methods are often time-consuming and prone to contamination. So adding some active yeast is a desire to make fruit wine quickly. There are three common methods of fruit brewing:

      1.fruit fermented wine. After picking the fruit, clean, drain water, slurry fermentation, filtration, brewing directly after drinking. Can also be mixed with grain fermentation, fruit flavor and yield. The characteristics of fruit fermented wine: low degree, strong fruit taste, especially suitable for women and bars to drink, is very high health care value of health wine.

      2.The initial processing process of raw fruit peel brandy is the same as that of raw fruit fermented wine, only after the completion of fermentation, it does not go through filtration, aging and other processes, but directly distillate into fruit liquor distillation equipment. We can control the brandy from 30 to 65 degrees, depending on local drinking habits. Features: high alcohol, according to their own preferences to adjust the alcohol, suitable for drinking high alcohol friends.

      3.fruit brewing wine. So far, all kinds of brewing wine has been the love of folk wine lovers, such as fruit brewing wine, animal brewing wine, medicine and food homologous materials brewing wine…… The characteristics of fruit brewing wine: simple and convenient operation, but this method is not suitable for all fruits.

      ??What do you know about liquor distillation process?


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