The working principle of RY glass-lined evaporator

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      The working principle of RY glass-lined evaporator is very simple. The heating medium is in contact with the heating surface of the evaporator, and the heat is transferred to the solution in the kettle body by convection to make it boiling. Under the action of vacuum, water vapor generated during boiling is continuously drawn out from the kettle body through the condenser, and finally discharged outside to achieve evaporation.

       RY glass-lined evaporator

      RY glass-lined evaporator has many advantages over other types of evaporators, such as higher heat transfer efficiency, better corrosion resistance, and longer service life.

      1. Higher heat transfer efficiency: The smooth and glossy surface of the RY glass-lined evaporator provides a large contact area for heat transfer between the heating medium and the evaporation liquid. The high thermal conductivity of the glass-lined material can quickly and evenly transfer heat to the evaporation liquid, thus increasing the evaporation capacity.

      2. Better corrosion resistance: The RY glass-lined evaporator is lined with a specially formulated corrosion-resistant glass, which can effectively resist the corrosive action of various acids and alkalis. This prolongs the service life of the evaporator and reduces maintenance costs.

      3. Longer service life: The RY glass-lined evaporator is made of high-quality materials and has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. It has a long service life and is not easily deformed or damaged.


      All in all, the structure of RY glass-lined evaporator is a great option for evaporating liquids quickly and efficiently. Its wide range of features make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. It has been proven to be reliable, safe and economical while providing superior performance compared to other types of evaporators. For any industry looking for a dependable source of evaporation needs, the RY Glass-Lined Evaporator should definitely be considered as an optimal solution.

      The working principle of RY glass-lined evaporator

      Jacky Lin

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