Micro heat pipe injection

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      The Era of 5G network has come, and the majority of mobile phone manufacturers have launched new 5G mobile phones. Compared with the traditional 4G mobile phone, the energy consumption and power consumption are 2.5 times of the current 4G network Phone. At the same time, the heating capacity of 5G mobile phone will also be multiplied.mobile phone overheating will reduce the processing speed of mobile phone, so 5G mobile phone cooling system has become a key and difficult point for the majority of mobile phone manufacturers.

      Micro heat pipe injection

      The traditional cooling of mobile phones mainly based on graphite, liquid cooling and air cooling. Recently, liquid cooling is very popular. At present, many mobile phones are equipped with liquid cooling systems.

      Mobile phone liquid cooling system relies on a kind of element called "micro heat pipe". In essence, it is a hollow closed pipe containing liquid (generally high-purity purified water). The liquid evaporates and absorbs heat in the evaporation section of the pipe, becoming gas, and condenses into liquid in the condensation section of the pipe to release heat. In addition, the liquid absorbing material assists the liquid to return to the evaporation section for heat absorption.

      The micro heat pipe is consisted of a sealed container, a capillary structure and a working liquid. After the container is evacuated, an appropriate amount of working liquid is flowed in, and then sealed. The micro heat pipe has a small liquid injection hole, and the diameter is small as 0.15mm * 0.15mm. The micro heat pipe injection volume is small (down to 0.025ml); the required accuracy of the injection is high (0.5%). After the injection is completed, the seal needs to be completed under vacuum.

      Guangzhou Ascend Precision machinery develops a high-vacuum injection system. Which is consisted of precision ceramic pump system and high vacuum valve. Guangzhou Ascend has provided customers with on-site batch vacuum injection solutions (0 to -85KPa) since 2016. Now, the liquid can be injected under the vacuum of -95KPa, and verified by customers on the spot. The CPK value continues to be accurate and stable.

      Features and Strengths:

      • High precision (accuracy down to 0.5%), high consistency and uniformity are supported by the Guangzhou Ascend’s FSH-AP series precision ceramic pump system.

      • small volume injection, from μL level to ml level

      • Fast speed and high efficiency.

      • Single-channel, dual-channel, multi-channel optional.

      • Touch screen controller. Easy to operate.

      • High vacuum injection up to -95KPa

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