How to tell the quality of rayon yarn?

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      In today's textile industry, rayon yarn is a widely used textile raw material and is widely used in clothing, household products, medical equipment and other fields. However, with the continuous development of the market, some inferior rayon yarn products have begun to appear, causing trouble to consumers. How to distinguish the quality of rayon yarn has become the focus of consumers' attention.

      Rayon Yarn

      First, you need to understand the characteristics of rayon yarn

      High-quality rayon yarn is a man-made fiber made of cellulose material. It has a luster and feel similar to natural fibers. It is breathable and comfortable, has strong moisture absorption, and is suitable for summer clothing. Inferior rayon yarn may use inferior raw materials or processes, have a rough texture, poor feel, and may even have other chemicals added.

      Secondly, you can tell the quality of rayon yarn by observing the details of the yarn

      High-quality rayon yarn should be even and fine, without obvious breaks, burrs or other defects; while inferior products may have different yarn thicknesses and uneven weaving. In addition, a tensile test can be performed. High-quality rayon yarn will have a certain degree of elasticity, while fake and inferior products may be easily broken.

      In addition, the quality of rayon yarn can be preliminarily judged through the flame test

      Ignite a small piece of rayon yarn with fire. High-quality rayon yarn will burn and have a burning smell. After burning, the ashes will be black and brittle. Fake and inferior products may smoke more, have a peculiar smell, and the color of the ashes will also be different. different.

      Finally, the most reliable way is to purchase rayon yarn products through formal channels

      Choose well-known brands or qualified manufacturers to ensure product quality and authenticity. Futureyarn is a manufacturer of rayon yarn. Our products have passed the certification mark and quality inspection report. All products comply with relevant standards and regulations.

      By understanding the characteristics of rayon yarn, observing the details of the yarn, conducting flame tests and choosing regular channels to purchase, you can effectively prevent the risk of purchasing inferior rayon yarn and protect your rights and interests.


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