Guangzhou Ascend’s Three Voyages for After-Sales Training to CATT

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      The German factory CATT is CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.)'s first battery factory in Europe and its first factory outside of China. The construction of the factory began in 2019, with an initial planned capacity of 14 GWh . Once fully operational, the annual production is expected to reach approximately 30 million battery cells, which could equip 185,000 to 350,000 electric vehicles. In April 2022, the factory officially received an 8 GWh battery cell production license from the Thuringian state government. In December 2022, it began manufacturing its first batch of lithium-ion battery cells.

      Guangzhou Ascend's Three Voyages for After-Sales Training to CATT

      Guangzhou Ascend has always adhered to a customer-centric service, dedicated to providing professional, timely technical support and after-sales services to customers worldwide. Since 2023, in response to specific needs of German customers, Guangzhou Ascend has dispatched engineering teams to the German factory for on-site training and maintenance guidance for injection pumps three times.

      The first overseas training took place from January to March 2023. Over the course of three months, engineers from Guangzhou Ascend provided a detailed introduction to the various functional features of the injection pump, systematically trained the operational procedures and precautions, ensuring that customers have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the injection pump.

      Subsequently, the second overseas training was conducted from June to August 2023. This training focused more on practical operation and troubleshooting. The engineers not only assisted customers with multiple practical exercises on the simulated production line but also shared a series of maintenance tips and emergency troubleshooting solutions, further enhancing the customers' ability to operate and maintain the equipment independently, effectively reducing the risk of downtime due to improper operation or sudden malfunctions.

      On April 22, 2024, Guangzhou Ascend began its third after-sales service journey to Germany. This not only continues the commitment made in previous services but also reflects a continuous focus on and response to customer requirements. During this new after-sales service period, engineers will focus on new issues that may arise from the actual use of the injection pump following the previous training sessions, providing targeted solutions and conducting a comprehensive check of the equipment to ensure that the injection pump and the filling machine continue to operate at their best, helping customers achieve more stable and efficient production goals.

      Guangzhou Ascend's Three Voyages for After-Sales Training to CATT

      Adhering to "professionalism, focus, innovation, and efficiency," Guangzhou Ascend is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. In the new energy industry, the company's main products, including constant flow metering pumps and intelligent injection pumps, are not only widely used by the majority of the top 30 lithium battery customers in China but are also exported overseas to countries and regions including Germany, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and India.


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