Driving advantages of planetary gear reduction box

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      The most commonly used drive for carton sealing machines is planetary gear drive. So what are the unique features of using this drive?

      Compared with the fixed-axis gear structure, the planetary gear reduction box has the following characteristics:

      1. The planetary gear structure is small in size and light in weight. Compared with ordinary cylindrical gear reducers, the volume of a reducer made of planetary gear structure can be reduced by one-quarter to one-half.

      2. The planetary gear mechanism has large carrying capacity, stable operation and large ship speed ratio.

      3. Reducer made of planetary gear structure.

      4. The planetary gear structure is complex and requires machining accuracy.

      5. Able to realize differential gear drive.

      Because the planetary gear structure has the above characteristics, with the continuous improvement of gear processing technology and measurement technology, the application range of planetary gear structure has rapidly expanded, and it has been used in automated production equipment.

      planetary gear reducer

      Classified by the number of base wheels:

      If K represents the base wheel, H represents the rotating arm, and V represents the component rotating around the main axis, then the planetary gear organization can be divided into 2K-H planetary gear organization, 3K planetary gear organization and K-H-V planetary gear according to the number of base wheels. Organization Category 3.

      Classification by automaticity of activity:

      In the planetary gear drive mechanism, the mechanism with 1 degree of freedom is called planetary gear mechanism, and the mechanism with 2 degrees of freedom and above is called differential planetary gear mechanism. This kind of organization is often used as a differential in automation equipment.

      Planetary gear drive ratio calculation:

      Because the motion of the planetary gear mechanism is complex when rotating, the drive ratio calculation method of the fixed-axis gear mechanism cannot be used to calculate it. There are two accounting methods for planetary tissue drive and tissue drive ratio, namely the transformation tissue method and the basic accounting method. The most commonly used method is the transformation organization method, which uses the basic principle that "the movement of an organization as a whole does not affect the relative movement between the components within the organization". When calculating the drive, the planetary drive is first converted into a fixed-axis drive.

      When using the conversion mechanism method to calculate the drive ratio, attention should be paid to: the sign of the drive ratio between each meshing gear in the conversion mechanism is negative when external meshing and positive when internal meshing.

      In order to simplify the calculation of the original rotation speed, it is best to put the rotation speed of the fixed base wheel in the denominator. In the usual planetary gear organization, there is a base wheel fixed to the frame, and their original rotation speed should be zero.

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